Mossebelle - Your fragrant moss as natural air freshener

Mossebelle is the only all natural air freshener you can find.
Mossebelle is based on a fragrant moss engineered to provide lovely scented fragrance to your home. Being a living plant Mossebelle along with providing fragrance also filters the air and removes pollutants as part of its photosynthetic activities. This also provide fresh oxygen to your household.

Mossebelle, the small fragrant moss, that provide you with a natural fragrance and refreshes your home every day without addition of chemicals. 
Mossebelle thrives in almost any household, as long as you give it a little water. If you take of this moss, you can enjoy for many years to come, and do not have to replace it with any new moss (unlike other air fresheners).

Mossebelle was made as part of a university research project and it lead a happy life in the petri-dishes until 2016, when the idea of the "Natural Air Freshener" was launched. Through collaboration with creative people in San Francisco we matured the idea and launched Mossebelle as the only all natural air freshener. 

Mossebelle is based on several years of research and engineering efforts. We are continuously improving the moss. With Mossebelle we wish to provide an air fresheners that is not based on chemistry. Our green air freshener with a lovely fragrance is made to provide a sustainable solution to your home. 

Engage with us, please.
We are very open to new initiatives, and we thrive to make green sustainable products for everyone.

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