• How to take care of your fragrant Mossebelle

    Always remember: Moss is a plant; thus, it cannot survive without water.
    In short, water is essential to life, and also to your new living Fragrant Moss plant.
    Please remember that, it is a plant, and it needs tender love and care.
  • Mossebelle Glasses and Terrariums: A Must Have

    An artificial air freshener may give you a pleasant fragrance, but a plant based natural air freshener will provide you with a perfect scent and last almost forever.
  • The use of Mossebelle in an Office

    As she said: "This might sound ignorant, but the idea that the moss is fragrant might also be a problem because my desk is close to a lot of other people and I'm not sure how strong the scent will be or if someone will have an issue with it."
  • How Fragrant Moss went from an Idea to a product named Mossebelle

    Get in Touch and learn more about moss as house plant
    Engage with us, please. If you have special ideas, wishes or comments please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are very open to new initiatives, and we hope aim to make green sustainable product for everyone.
  • We aim only to use recycled materials for Mossebelle

    One of our key selling points with Fragrant Moss is Sustainability and Natural.
    It has been so from the onset of our research and endevaour at Mosspiration to engineer and establish the Fragrant Moss. However, it is easy to be a happy shopper and just by any box or any glass without being observant to how these things are produced.