Mosses require you are patient

3 months in a box.

Sometimes the world wide mailing system fails to find the right owner of a moss glass. This happened recently for us. The picture below shows a moss sample after 3 month in a box, shipped first to US, and then back to us. It was really sad and brown when it came back to us.

moss 3 month in the dark

I then left it for a week, and you could start to see small green parts, thus gave it some water. That helped a little as seen here:

moss after 1 week

But it is still not clear if it will survive.

Then after 3 weeks, and returning to moss-lab after a weekend away it was finally green and also fragrant. So normally even the browniest moss is alive somewhere inside.

Green moss after 3 weeks

Thus, be patient.

The moss is a little hardy plant that can survive a lot of different conditions. And if you leave it long enough in the glass, it can form  spectacular  patterns in the glasses.

But patience is the key word here.

moss pattern

1 year old moss patterns.

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