The use of Mossebelle in an Office

A story on the use of Mossebelle as Office decoration

We continuously try to engage with our potential customers. Anyone would do that, and sometime this leads to nice little stories on how to use Mossebelle.

Amber wrote to us that she really did want to buy the moss kit, as she had been trying to figure out what plants to keep on her desk at work that could survive not having direct sunlight. It's also a pretty dry environment she said, so she was obviously a little nervous about leaving plants over the weekend.

Luckily mosses are really hardy and resilient plants, and one should not forget, that they can survive a long time without water. Should they dry out, just add water so they "drown" and let it slowly dry out. Then it should go green within a week or two (maybe three if they are really dry). This is actually the trick that enables botanical gardens to keep large collections of mosses. As the fragrance is produced by the moss it self, then even if they dry, they should come back to life and provide new fragrance. We do provide a small lid, and you can always close the glass over the weekend. 

As for the sunlight, the ambient office light is more than enough to get photosynthesis going in plants.With that answer in mind Amber was also concerned about the amount of fragrance. As she said: "This might sound ignorant, but the idea that the moss is fragrant might also be a problem because my desk is close to a lot of other people and I'm not sure how strong the scent will be or if someone will have an issue with it."

Here we have to come clear, the moss is not more fragrant than most other plants, and is not close to be as pronounced as chemical "air fresheners" or the perfume some people wear. So to Ambers idea of having moss on her desk, we think it would be a lovely idea on her desk. Our current version will not be strong enough for people to become annoyed, or we should say that is at least not what we hear.

Thus, the moss will provide a green element on your office desk with some fragrance. But also a decorative house plant that can survive even when you go on your hard earned 1 month holiday trip. We hope that Amber and many others will use moss for their office and home decorations as they do not require much attention and do not take up much space. 

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